We Record Drums!

Pepperhead Studios is proud to offer live drum recording.

In a world of sampling, live acoustic drum recording is becoming a lost art. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for sampling, and sometimes that is what the music requires. I often enjoy working with samples in Ableton or Reason, or whatever is required to make great rhythm tracks.

But as a bass player, I also appreciate what a live drummer brings to the table. A good drummer can make for a better performance, adding lots of energy that otherwise would take much longer to program. Working with real mics in a real space with acoustic drums… we’ll, it’s just more fun!

I offer a well set-up Pearl 5-piece kit suitable for rock, blues, punk, country and even jazz recording. Call or email for specifics. I have a wide selection of cymbals, an extra couple snares for variety, and many percussion instruments besides. Our kit is well maintained by our top drummers.

Drummers are welcome to bring their own kit, though I ask that they at least try ours first since it is miked up and ready to go. Setup for a new kit takes additional time. Sometimes, all you needed is your favorite snare or cymbal. Contact us today to learn more.