Henry Davis: Laments for Henry Davis

Henry Davis is happy to announce that their album “Laments for Henry Davis” is now available on CDBaby, iTunes and elsewhere. Recorded at Pepperhead Studios between March and September 2017, “Laments for Henry Davis” is the first of a succession of works that creator Barry J Davis foresees as a series of intertwining concept albums.

What happens when you die? In the My Brown Opic universe, if you didn’t get it right in your life, your soul is taken by what can only be described as a “soul bee” –  a pollinator of new life. It shows you your wrongdoing. It shows you a glimpse of your future and then places you into the soul of a baby being born. It can be any time. It can be any place.

“Laments for Henry Davis” is a concept album that starts in the Schuylkill Pennsylvania county jail on December 18th, 1878, the day John “Black Jack” Kehoe is to be hung for the murder of Frank W.S. Langdon. Jack Kehoe was the leader of the Molly Maguires, a band of rebel coal miners who got fed up with the unsafe, unfair wages and cruelties of the large coal mining companies they worked for. Frank W.S. Langdon was a supervisor for the coal company, he was one of the over 150 unsolved murders that took place in Schuylkill, Carbon and Columbia County between the 1850s and 1870s.

Then the album goes to 1970 when Frank W.S. Langdons’ soul is reincarnated to a baby in the womb. The baby is born under extremely hard domestic violence and is scarred with a Glasgow smile, the Joker from the Dark Knight had a Glasgow smile, so it goes without saying this is a hard album.

Who is the baby now with the soul of an unfair mining supervisor who has gotten another chance at life to get it right? None other than our Henry Davis. Where does he end up? The casino business of modern times… where it seems like all the upper management cares about is the all mighty dollar.

The story is based on actual events… kind of. Oh yeah Henry also gets into beekeeping… of course he does.

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