Ed Zuber Project

It all started with Dave. Dave Avillion that is, who was the drummer in my (short-lived) high school rock band Amethyst. After high school, Dave went to college at Penn State, where he met Ed Zuber, originally from upstate NY. Decades would go by, with Dave eventually moving to Las Vegas. On the occasional trip home to see family, Dave would gather his friends for jams and before long – while I was still living in Bloomsburg – Dave introduced me to Ed and recommended that we stay in touch since Ed was just over the hill in Catawissa.

Photo by Roxanne Zuber

That was how many years ago? Honestly, I’ve lost count. What I do know is that Ed Zuber writes fun, upbeat punk/pop with a sense of humor. With each jam session, things got better and better and I’ve gradually encouraged Ed to think about some serious recording to capture his ideas. As a build up to this we’ve done some live shows, pulling in Mike Hickey on lead guitar, Urie Kline on drums (for when Dave’s not available) and Kurt Smith (so I can focus on engineering). On rare occasions, when the stars align just right, we might have both Dave and Urie swapping out drumming duties.

No hard deadline is set yet, but we’ve begun fleshing out a set of songs for release – hopefully – later this year.

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