Tanner Bingaman

Tanner Bingaman is an active performer and songwriter from Mifflinburg who plays music in the folk and acoustic vein. Tanner has performed with area bands, and is a compelling banjo player with many good songs just waiting for a broader audience.

Fellow Pepperhead musician Kurt Smith – a mutual friend and Tanner’s Philosophy professor at Bloomsburg University – suggested that Tanner check out our rebel outpost here in Millville.

My no-nonsense approach to capture Tanner’s no-nonsense music clicked quite well. I couldn’t have asked for a better project to wrap up operations in our Millville, PA location. Tanner was wonderful to work with and it was a pleasure to have his songs going through my head during a very challenging time while my life outside the studio was becoming more chaotic.

Along with Mike Pacaro (guitar) and Lauren Kerstetter (vocals), the songs include both lyrical and instrumental pieces. Cellist Garet Holdren makes an appearance on one track. Tanner and I also got to do some studio experimentation that turned out quite well.

Tanner is a strong writer, and the real-deal when it comes to performing. These songs continue to go through my head constantly – but in a good way! There’s so much artifice in entertainment sometimes that it is refreshing to work with people who just play good, timeless music.

As I prepare for relocating to the Greater Philadelphia area, Tanner will be releasing material from this collection – currently titled We Were All Born Naked – gradually in the coming year. Tanner gigs a lot, and loves to travel. Keep up with his adventures on his web site at tannerbingaman.com

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