Go Fund Tanner Bingaman!

Go Fund Tanner Bingaman!
by Jacqueline Cooper

Tanner Bingaman is a well-known local musician who is releasing a new album called, “We Were All Born Naked.” His music is a heart-felt combination of folk, blues, and indie. Tanner started his music career at age 16, using his music as an outlet to express the memorable times in his life. He also used his music to overcome the hardships he’s gone through. His first guitar was handed down by his father which he still uses for performances today. Tanner used his father’s Goya guitar to learn and write almost all his material throughout his experience. Tanner grew up surrounded my music from his church where is father was a pastor.

According to Tanner, he received much influence for his music from both of his grandmothers. His step-grandmother, Nina exposed him to bluegrass and folk music. While his other Grandmother, who he refers to as Grand Bunny, was his inspiration for the song on his first album, Sweet Mary Ann. Both of Tanner’s grandmothers introduced him to several musicians whom Tanner fell in love with. Some of these musicians included Charlie Parr, the Milk Carton Kids, Frank Fairfield, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Danny Barnes. Over the course of his music experience, Tanner has learned to play the guitar, banjo, and harmonica.

Tanner has performed at many local gigs, venues, bars, festivals, and private house concerts. Some of the venues Tanner has performed at include the Turkey Hill Brew Pub, the King Street Café in Sunbury, the Milk Creek Café, and many more. Tanner prefers to do private house concerts because he loves telling stories between songs and building a deeper connection with his audience. Tanner also had the opportunity to open a show for Charlie Parr, one of his favorite musicians. Tanner is now 22 years old and has accomplished so much since he started at age 16.

Tanner’s first album, “Family Matters” was released in 2016 and was recorded by a mobile producer named Steve Gilliand. This album was recorded within a day in Tanner’s garage. Following his first album, in 2017 Tanner released a single called “Piece of Pie” which he also recorded with Steve Gilliand in a yoga studio. This single is very upbeat and incorporates harmonica and guitar. In 2018 Tanner released his second album, “Folkmush Volume 1: Fernville Blues” which he recorded with William Hayes. William is an EDM artist who also goes by the name Meiñu.

Tanner is the creator of what he calls “folkmush” which is defined by his girlfriend, Lauren Kerstertter as, “An inclusive musical genre that combines themes and influences from traditional folk music, blues, bluegrass, contemporary moral issues, and soul-cleansing silliness, originated by a Pennsylvania farmer.” William Hayes also recorded Tanner’s most recent single called “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy” in 2018. This single was recorded live and is a traditional arrangement based off an old-time song passed down through word-of-mouth. Tanner transformed this old pioneering song by changing some musical aspects and by adding his own lyrics. This single is very upbeat and includes fast banjo instrumental parts. Tanner’s music can be found on his website, YouTube, Spotify, and other musical platforms online.

Tanner is an environmental enthusiast with a passion for rock-climbing. Tanner is currently in Utah where he is spending much of his time playing shows, jamming with local bands, rock-climbing with friends, and enjoying the nature. Tanner has also been conducting video shoots which he has been progressively posting on YouTube.
Moving forward, Tanner has expressed his desire to perform more in western states such as Utah and Colorado. He also wants to learn more instruments such as the fiddle, ukulele, and mandolin. Tanner has recently been offered a position as a banjo player for a band called Seldom Said No. Tanner is working on finalizing his third album which he says is one of his biggest accomplishments so far in his music career. He spent about three to four months recording his new album at Pepperhead Studios with local producer, Jeremy dePrisco.

Tanner recorded his newest album as he finished his last semester at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania where he earned a degree in Philosophy. According to Tanner, he has taken this album much more seriously by setting intentions for each track. His new album consists of a combination of solos, duos, trios, and incorporates parts with acapella, banjo, cello, and harmonies. “We Were All Born Naked” is the perfect sound track to enjoy on a beautiful day outside. The music on his new album is very soothing and heart-felt. His songs tell stories that give much insight on what is important to Tanner and how he was raised on a farm. He is very excited and hopes to release the album in late 2019. Although, there is much work that needs to be done before Tanner can release his album.

Before releasing his new album, Tanner will need to cover the charges for necessities such as CD printing, merchandise, musicians involved, digital distribution, artwork designers, and more. Help support him by donating to his Go Fund Me Album Fundraiser! Because Tanner is very passionate about the environment, he will also be donating the earnings to different environmental movements such as local state organizations, the Peace Core, and the Honnold Foundation. On his Go Fund Me page, he lists several generous rewards for donations as low as 35 dollars up to 2500 dollars. Supporters will have the chance to win prizes such as a signed copy of the record, T-shirt, one-on-one banjo lessons, or a private house concert! Tanner’s goal is to raise 5,000 dollars of which he has already raised 1,000 within the first fourteen days. If someone would like to help but cannot donate, they can share his Go Fund Me page on social media to help spread the word. Help Tanner Bingaman raise the funds to release his new album as well as help save the environment!

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Jacqueline CooperJacqueline Cooper is a Bloomsburg University Organizational Communications student. This interview and write-up is part of her Spring 2019 internship at Pepperhead Studios.

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