Hey, thanks for calling me…

If I’ve sent you to this page it’s for one of two reasons…

  1. You called me without researching my services.
  2. When you called, you didn’t introduce yourself and immediately went into a request for rates

If you researched my site ahead of time (which, after all, is what the site is there for), you would already know that I do not give rate quotes on the phone. All projects are different, and I need to meet with people to see if they are a good fit to start.

I also find the tendency for callers to not identify themselves to be extremely annoying these days. Perhaps it is a function of technology. Not sure. Here’s a link to some phone etiquette. This stuff still matters. I find younger callers assume that caller ID will tell me who they are. Well, I’ve got some news… it doesn’t. It comes up as an unlisted or unknown number and I have no idea who is calling. Either way, if you are calling a business, identify yourself, how you found the business and what your need is.

I’m not available for just any project. I’ve just relocated (Spring 2019). Part of the relocation is a reassessment of my services, the types of projects I will (and wont) do, and the general direction I want to take my own projects. I’ve striped down to a mobile rig, and no longer maintain an expensive physical location. I also won’t let people into my current private space until they are vetted a number of ways (by other people I already know, other references, etc). I can come to you, but only after some negotiation on rates/requirements and what you need. This is just not something that happens in one phone call.

For the moment I am booked until the end of May 2019, and then focusing mostly on my own projects. I’m keeping myself open to some interesting new stuff. If you have something that you think might interest me, and you can get on board with some basic phone etiquette for everyone’s benefit, then go to my contact form and submit an inquiry.