Henry Davis: Laments for Henry Davis

Henry Davis is happy to announce that their album “Laments for Henry Davis” is now available on CDBaby, iTunes and elsewhere. Recorded at Pepperhead Studios between March and September 2017, “Laments for Henry Davis” is the first of a succession of works that creator Barry J Davis foresees as a series of intertwining concept albums.

What happens when you die? In the My Brown Opic universe, if you didn’t get it right in your life, your soul is taken by what can only be described as a “soul bee” –  a pollinator of new life. It shows you your wrongdoing. It shows you a glimpse of your future and then places you into the soul of a baby being born. It can be any time. It can be any place.

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Becky Blue Demo

Becky Blue (Rebekah Taffera) recorded a two-song demo with us in September 2016. “You and Me” is a blues, while “B Side” is a rock number. Both songs are original compositions, recorded live.


Becky Blue: Vocals
Jason Taffera: Guitar
Tim Breon: Lead Guitar
Chalie Holmes: Bass
Urie Kline: Drums

Becky recently formed a solo project and will be booking gigs in the Williamsport area in Spring 2017.

Mike Hickey: 55 and Sunny

We just wrapped up Mike Hickey’s album “55 and Sunny”, and it will be released in March/April 2016 through CD Baby and other online outlets.

Mike grew up near Chicago, where he played in Blues, country, and rock bands and occasionally provided backup guitar for Blues masters including Sam Chatmon of the Mississippi Sheiks and Little Smokey Smothers of the Howlin’ Wolf Band. For about 40 years, Mike wrote and performed angst-filed folk songs about loves lost and opportunities wasted . . . and then he decided to lighten up a little. “55 and Sunny” is the result.

“55 and Sunny” is an eclectic, up-beat collection of 16 songs–fifteen new compositions and a new arrangement of a traditional English folk tune. The tunes range from swinging blues to raucous Balkan dance music, from Afro-pop, Celtic, and Cuban-influenced instrumentals to New Orleans-influenced R&B.

The album, recorded at Pepperhead Studios, features wonderful guitar playing by Mike, with Safa Saracoglu on percussion, John Huckans on organ, and drumming from Urie Kline and Craig Waltman. Visit Mike’s site for the latest.

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Available for streaming at Spotify!

Michael Hickey

Michael Hickey (Photo by Scott Canouse)
Michael Hickey (Photo by Scott Canouse)

In late December 2014 and early January 2015, we began working in earnest on some recordings of songs written by Michael Hickey. Mike, who learned to play guitar by secretly watching his phenomenally talented brother Danny and cousin Timmy Hickey, has been playing music in front of anyone who will listen since the mid-1970s.

As a young guitarist in the Chicago metropolitan area, he performed in various pop, blues, country, and folk groups, and often played his own songs as a solo act at regional colleges and coffee houses.  Sheer blind luck put Mike on stage with many great musicians while he was still in his teens and early twenties, experiences from which he came to appreciate the difference between competent players and real professional musicians.  Since the mid-1980s, Mike has continued to write, play, and perform music in various idioms while pursuing a career outside the music industry.

Mike, along with Safa Saracoglu and John Huckans, have performed in a number of combinations in the Bloomsburg area, often as a jazz combo. These songs showcase Mike’s considerable guitar chops and songwriting wit. It’s hard to tell what is more fun – recording them, or playing them!

Paul Loomis: World Famous in Bloomsburg

World Famous in Bloomsburg by Paul Loomis
World Famous in Bloomsburg by Paul Loomis

“World Famous in Bloomburg” is Paul Loomis‘ third solo album, and the first full length project to be produced at Pepperhead Studios (Millville, PA). You can listen to samples here.

About the album…

Paul’s original goal was to have a product in hand by Thanksgiving 2014. Tracking began in March/April 2014 with initial drafts, then picked up again in late May and continued through October 2014, with a release on schedule just before Thanksgiving. Paul is a very prolific writer, and likes to let songs unfold on their own. Some songs that we recorded earlier in the process were later reworked once Paul heard them in context, and a few songs were dropped for possible use in a future project.

The whole time, Paul drove the overall direction and we just helped him achieve his goal given the timeline had in mind. We’d typically record on Fridays, do rough mixes on Saturday, then let Paul sit with the tracks for a week or so and built up from there. Traveling, family commitments and home/studio improvement projects made sure that we left plenty of space between sessions so we could have a renewed perspective each time we came back to the tracks.

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