Go Fund Tanner Bingaman!

Go Fund Tanner Bingaman! by Jacqueline Cooper Tanner Bingaman is a well-known local musician who is releasing a new album called, “We Were All Born Naked.” His music is a heart-felt combination of folk, blues, and indie. Tanner started his music career at age 16, using his music as an outlet to express the memorable […]

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Laments for Henry Davis

In March 2017, Pepperhead Studios was taken over by the Henry Davis team to produce Laments for Henry Davis. Barry J Davis, lyricist and singer came to me with a self-described concept album that sounded perfect for my live recording approach, and interest in sonic experimentation. What’s the subject matter? Without revealing too much, if […]

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We Record Drums!

Pepperhead Studios is proud to offer live drum recording. In a world of sampling, live acoustic drum recording is becoming a lost art. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for sampling, and sometimes that is what the music requires. I often enjoy working with samples in Ableton or Reason, or […]

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