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If you’ve found this page it must mean you are interested in learning more about Pepperhead Studios. Great!

Please note that I do not give rate quotes over email or on the phone.

Please complete the form below to outline your needs. Be as specific as possible.

I will promptly acknowledge your message and set up a meeting. The initial meeting is a critical step to discuss your needs, scheduling, and if Pepperhead Studios is the best fit for you. If we decide to work together, projects are booked 1-2 weeks in advance depending on what’s in the pipeline already.

Some things to consider before contacting us:

Budget (this drives pretty much everything)
Your time commitment and level of enthusiasm
Type of project (jam, demo, corporate, EP, album release, etc.)
Number of songs
Number of instruments
Original or cover songs?
Instrumentation you wish to record, and number of instruments
Amount of recording experience
Your goals after the recording process (marketing support, etc)

I prefer to deal with artists directly, as that is who I will be working with the most. If you are an intermediary of some sort (friend, spouse, benefactor, etc), please note this in your comments so that I know to whom I am writing/speaking.

Tell us about your project!

“One good thing about choosing an unusual location for the making of a record there’s a commitment that is felt by the artist if you are setting up something special for them.” Daniel Lanois