These are some demos that we have produced/engineered for folks. In most cases, files here are 256 kbps MP3, rough mixes, only for demo purposes. This material is a good example of what we enjoy recording the most (small bands, acoustic, blues roots). This list also includes samples of audio books (another offering besides music).

Mike Hickey

In late December 2014 and early January 2015, we began working in earnest on some recordings of songs written by Michael Hickey. Read more here.

John Sweeney & Tom Rosencrans

Wonderful country blues duo from the Central Susquehanna Valley. Here John and Tom perform “Why You Been Gone So Long” (two voices, guitars), “Nobody’s Fault” (resonator, harp, two voices) and “John Henry” (banjo & harp). These are live recordings, no overdubs.

Tom & Jina Rosencrans

In addition to performing with John Sweeney, Tom has a beautiful set of songs with his wife Jina, who also sings and plays guitar. Jina’s lovely Nashville charm is evident in the vocal pieces “Jim & Me” (two guitars, male/female voc), “Get Out, Get Under the Moon” (guitar, female voc). Those tunes, along with the instrumental “Winderslide/Old Christmas Medley” were recorded live with no overdubs.

Stu Crew

The Stu Crew (an informal name given to this band of players from Williamsport) consists of Stuart Rennick (bass, vocs), Craig Waltman on drums, Doug Sherry on lead guitar and Jim Williams (vocs, rhythm, some lead).

These tracks from 2013 were both recorded with no overdubs. “Early in the Morning” is sung by Stuart and Doug’s guitar chops are highlighted on “Riviera Paradise”.

Stuart, Craig and Doug returned in October 2014 to work on a full-length demo.

Fricknadorable (Audra & Jeremy dePrisco)

Two voices, uke & guitar recorded 11/1/13 with no overdubs. “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” (Tom Waits) and “Alone & Forsaken” (Hank Williams).

Fricknadorable completed their Spring 2014 demo at Pepperhead Studios. An album of original and traditional tunes is in the works when we’re not working with other artists.

Jams (various)

Rand Whipple Audio Books

Audio production and light music, delivered to spec. Titles include:

Three Billy Goats Gruff
Aesop’s Fables
Toads & Diamonds
Little Witch Magic
Jack, The Beanstalk and Other Tales

Visit Box of Light for previews on iTunes and Amazon.